About Us

Vision Statement

Our Vision at SSS ADVANCE DRIVING Is that we are Dedicated and Passionate About Saving Lives on Our Roads. Our Passion Is Committed to The Most Precious Gift EverLife.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Is to Promote Driver Safety and Assistance in Reducing Road Accidents.

Statement by CEO

I, Peter Bezuidenhout, CEO, was an Operational Firefighter for 30 years, at the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.  We as Firefighters worked under a code of “Proud, Positive and Professional” and a motto of “Always ready and prepared

My job consisted of different emergency incidents on a daily base.  Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are one of the realities that we dealt with regularly.  It was heart-breaking to free people from motor vehicle wrecks.  Many times, these accidents are fatal; sometimes the injuries are serious and occasionally the occupants get off lightly.

Seeing all these accidents has motivated me to try and make a difference by making our roads safer, and preventing accidents from occurring.  Normally, these accidents are made by human error. That is MY inspiration for this training.

Core Values

  • SSS ADVANCE DRIVING is committed to provide all people in search of skills and development with the kind of training that satisfies the needs and aspirations of individuals and organizations alike.
  • Training courses are presented at the SSS ADVANCE DRIVER TRAINING premises in St Albans Main Road, St Albans, Port Elizabeth.
  • The training offered are unit standard based and its core functions focus on advanced driving techniques and operator fields on a skid pad.
  • Training courses are continually added or adapted to meet employer, industry, individual, community, project needs and the relevant SETA requirements.
  • We also offer non-unit standard based skills programmes like, skid pad only, hijacking prevention and pre-employment assessments

What We Do

  • Operate a Rigid Heavy Vehicle
  • Operate a Rigid Light Vehicle
  • Operator Vehicle Combination
  • Plan Road Transport Service Delivery
  • Load General Freight
  • Offensive Driving
  • Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle Hijack Prevention
  • Skid Pad Training
  • Hiring of Training Facility
  • Events
  • Motor Vehicle Shows
  • Vehicle Promotions
  • Vehicle Dynamics Testing
  • Various Stunt Performances
  • Pre-employment driver Assessment
  • Team Building
  • Cater for Disabled Drivers