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Dedicated to Saving Lives on our Roads

Safe - Skilled - Secure

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Social & Teambuilding Events, Vehicle Shows

Safe - Skilled - Secure


Advanced, Anti Highjack, Defensive, Offensive, Transport

What we do

Promoting driver safety & assistance in reducing road accidents. We are dedicated and passionate about saving lives on our roads.

SS Advance Driving offer the following Services: 

  • Advanced Driver Training – Heavy and Light vehicles
  • Planned Road Transport Service Delivery
  • Loads General Freight
  • Pre Employment Driver Assessment
  • Defensive Driving
  • Hijack Prevention
  • Skid Pad Training
  • Team Building
  • Social Events
  • Hiring of Facility

Why Choose Us

SSS Advance Driving is about saving lives first, improving driving skills which will result in cost savings to companies as well as individuals

Experience Skills

Accredited Instructors, Assessors & Moderators

BBBEE Level 1

In terms of the BBBE Act 2013

Engineered Skid Pad

Plus Minus 5000 sq/meters concrete

Accredited Training Provider


Customised Training Courses

Modified to meet client needs.

Team Building

Corporate, Social Events, Promotions & Shows

Client Feedback

Feedback from VW SA